Join us at the Big Ten Conference Center for the Fall 2024 Semiannual Meeting November 12 & 13

Please mark your calendar for November 12 & 13, 2024 and join us in Chicago for the CAEML Semiannual Fall Meeting. Information about registration and the agenda will be sent to member company contacts, faculty and students.

Any companies considering membership ahead of the meeting can contact the center at for more information on the center, its research and meeting attendance options.

CAEML Webinars

Recordings of past webinars are available to Center members on the CAEML Repository

UPCOMING! Neuromorphic Computing: Bridging the gap between Nanoelectronics, Neuroscience and Machine Learning Abhronil Sengupta, PSU May 1, 2024

Physical Side-Channel Analysis and the Future: Why Should You Care? Aydin Aysu NC State March 29, 2024

Transfer Learning Framework for Semiconductor Packaging Oluwaseyi Akinwande Georgia Tech student December 1, 2023

Polynomial-Based Surrogate Models for Uncertainty Quantification of Passive Electronic Systems Xingjian Shangguan Ilinois student December 20, 2022

Design Space Extrapolation and Inverse Design Using Machine Learning Osama Waqar Bhatti GaTech student December 5, 2022

PPA Modeling and Optimization with Transfer Learning and Evolutionary Algorithms  Rhett Davis NC State  December 13, 2021

 FPGA Hardware Accelerator for Real Time Security Archit Gajjar NC State University student September 23, 2021  

Recurrent Neural Network Models for Efficient Simulation of Circuit Aging and Stochastic Effects Jie Xiong Illinois student June 9, 2021 

 A Machine Learning Based Design Rule Checker Luis Francisco NC State student May 25, 2021  

Expressiveness and generalizability of recurrent neural networks for systems modeling Joshua Hanson llinois student May 18, 2021   

Machine Learning and Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Hardware Design Xu Chen May 4, 2021 

Deus Ex Machina: Learning Techniques for Breakthrough in Side-Channel Security Assessment of Integrated Circuits Aydin Aysu, Professor & Priyank Kashyap and Furkin Aydin NC State students March 22, 2021

High-speed Channel Analysis and Design with Machine Learning  Majid Ahadi GaTech student December 10, 2020  

Time Series Prediction Using Deep Markov Models  Yu Zhou NC State student November 18, 2020

Model-Augmented Estimation of Condition Mutual Information for Feature Selection  Alan Yang Illinois student July 21, 2020

Candidate Algorithms for Mixed RF and Circuit Design Paul Franzon July 10, 2020 

Demystifying ML Hakki Torun student GaTech & Madhavan Swaminathan June 24, 2020

Introduction to ML-based FPGA Compilation Anthony Agnesina  March 20, 2020 

Deep Learning Based Side-Channel Attacks Aydin Aysu & Arjit Raychowdhury NC State student August 12, 2019 

Modeling of Electrical Circuits with Recurrent Neural Networks Xu Chen April 3, 2019 

Behavioral Model Development for High Speed Links  Bowen Li NC State studentFebruary 25, 2019

Surrogate Modeling & Bayesian Optimization  Paul Franzon February 12, 2019

ML Techniques for Packaging Problems  Madhavan Swaminathan September 19, 2018

Machine Learning Assisted IC Design Modeling, Optimization and IP Reuse Weiyi Qi  August 17, 2017